We boost innovation capabilities.

Our mission is to bring together leading German corporations with the most innovative South-East Asian startups to accelerate their growth and development to disrupt industries.
By joining the g:hub innovation network you as our partner get unique access to deal flow, startup know-how, brilliant minds and an unrivalled innovation program.
This partnership offers you exclusive presence in the heart of the global innovation hub Singapore.

We have strong ties within the startup ecosystem within Singapore. g:hubs goal is to create a platform that will service many large corporations and startups alike. g:hub is an innovation network that serves as a bridge between Germany and the Singaporean startup ecosystem.

• We foster startups to grow and succeed.
• We support matchmaking startups with corporates.
• We help startups to create a venture client pipeline

Whether you are a corporation looking for an innovation or a startup looking for a boost or a partner to foster the ecosystem, g:hub is the right place for you.