Our Mission

We bridge the gap between startups, global innovation ecosystems and German corporates.

Built on four pillars the German Innovation Hub promotes interdisciplinary collaboration and exchange between startups, established companies, academia and other strong members of the Southeast Asian innovation ecosystem. We are the open innovation platform that inspires and accelerates organisations.

german innovation hub community


Our members are part of the Southeast Asian innovation ecosystem. We are connecting startups, German corporates, innovation experts and other passionate people in Singapore and all over Southeast Asia to create innovation with impact.

german innovation hub partnership


Strong partnerships and network within the region allow us to connect our members with the right person at the right time. This will support you during your own innovation journey and allow you to grow your business and to expand into new markets.

german innovation hub cocreation


We enable cross-functional collaboration and co-creation. Together with experts and stakeholders we create new value by developing customer-driven business models, concepts, solutions, products and services.

German Innovation Hub Execution


We support you throughout your individual innovation journey and validate new products and services for you. Scale into new markets, find new profit pools, and accelerate your business. We provide customised services, experienced partners and the technological know-how to make your plans succeed.

The German Innovation Hub is an open innovation platform that empowers organisations to learn, innovate, and scale globally. Our community bridges the gap between corporates and startups in order to create mutually beneficial opportunities. We guide you throughout your individual innovation journey. As experts in innovation, intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship, we possess the right tools and resources for you and all your future endeavours. 

Together with you we will define your status quo and the strategic objectives of your innovation journey. Depending on your individual situation we provide you with the right solution at the right time. We help you to foster an entrepreneurial culture, establish structures and processes that support innovation and ideation, remove barriers that stifle it, create innovation labs, establish accelerators, and provide you with the right methods and tools to make innovation happen.