The world’s greatest challenges

The world’s greatest challenges

11. Juni 2019 Allgemein 0

The focus of German Innovation Hub

Asia with its many highly populated countries and crowded cities faces a number of challenges less populated nations are not (yet) aware of. With a great amount of habitants and rapidly growing economies, Asia as a whole has to react quickly in order to adapt to demanding situations.

Amongst the entire continent’s biggest concerns are questions on how to create or change cities in order to generate an agreeable living standard for that many habitants. To allocate and transport millions of people on rather small areas, new ways of housing and transportation have been developed and introduced. And still, rapid growth demands for rapid improvement and suitable solutions. This is where startups get in the game. Focused on problem-solving, their agile way to work allows them to quickly generate and test answers to all kinds of societal challenges. 

Addressing societal trends

Asia may well be the first region to experience problems like these, but in the long run by far not the only one. Challenges in how we live today will and do affect the entire world. For the German Innovation Hub, we identified the challenges that affect societies worldwide in their everyday lives together with current research topics of Singaporean universities and areas of interest of the German economy. Singapore faces similar issues as other Asian metropolises concerning its high density of population.

Areas that are most recently undergoing changes and development contain mobility issues and Smart City living, interconnecting all single aspects of city life in order to gain the greatest living standards for habitants. Technologies invading everyday life can currently especially found in the financial and insurance sector. The German Innovation Hub will address these in the fields FinTech, InsurTech and DeepTech. Additionally, the entire retail and commerce sector will be undergoing changes, shifts from store to online sales is only one example.

Within these so-called Verticals, the German Innovation Hub focuses on four major trends:

  • disruptive technologies
  • sustainability
  • manufacturing
  • systems & analytics

Talking about disruptive technologies, the rising interest in developments like the Internet of Things, Virtual and Augmented Reality can easily be noticed and hence deserves to be kept an eye on. Sustainability is a trend that makes its way through people’s and companies’ lives as an entirely new mind-set. Green footprints, smart buildings and energy are topics that cannot be overseen these days. Talking about manufacturing, the optimization of costs and assembly processes have become an issue more than ever. Along with new technologies, the collection, usage and visualization of data plays an increasingly important role in business to create learning systems and improve predictive analysis.

We try and focus on what moves the world. Whenever we see new trends arising, German Innovation Hub is the first to have an eye on them. Because what is important to society as a whole in order to improve everyday life, is important to us. All this to match one society’s solutions to other societies’ problems.